Since this is a month due post, expect for a long pile of photos along the way.:) Yep, It’s been a month since I had my 3-day visit in the city of love. I actually went there for Dinagyang Festival but unfortunately the celebration of festival falls on the weekend and I have classes every weekends. So I have no choice but to squeeze up my supposed to be 1 week vacation into 3 days only (super bitin). Continue reading “Iloilo”


White Fence Country Cafe

There are days that I fancy meeting a friend and dine in one of the best restaurants in the city. And last Sunday, after attending the 9am service at the Life Church, I invited my friend Janice to have lunch in one of the trending restaurants here in Puerto, the ‘White Fence Country Cafe’. Trending for the reason that… lately, I’ve been seeing photos of it on my fb feed and I’ve been hearing good words about it from my friends. And as curiosity hit me, I also wanted to take a look and have a taste of what they were talking about.:)

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