Day11:Maiaako’s Bucket List

Things I wanna go/do/have before i die!
Let’s see what will i accomplish this 2014…. aja!

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Day 5: Top 10 Favorite Foods

Seafoods (Crabs,  lobster, Shrimps and of course fish, coz I’m a self proclaim “fistetarian”)
Isaw (fried or grilled)
Pizza (I love pizza, I always crave for pizza)
Sisig (love it to be mega spicy)
Pancit (in every “handaan” I always make hanap of pancitJ)
Fruits (te amo fruitas!)
Chips (I have this “long lasting and can’t be broken relationship” with chips, especially potato chips)
Pakbet (Pakbet is my favorite ulam, but among the veggies in there I only eat kalabasa and okra and also sigarilyas)
Green salad (I love green salad not only because I’m a diet freak girl, I like salad because it’s healthy and I love the different colors in there)
Pork barbecue (my all time favorite, never kong pagsawaan)

Day4: What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag? actually its my mama’s bag but she already gave it to me so, it is considered to be  mine:-)
1. Hellokitty Purse- where i put my coins
2. Ballpen – i may have to write
3. Phone -its always there
4. Wallet –empty wallet:-)
5. Umbrella -for protection from rain/sun.
6. Comb -when in need to fix my hair
7. Baby lips Lip balm -to keep my lips from drying.
8. Earphones -i love listening to music from my phone.
9. Journal -where my deevo’s and daily notes are written.

Day3: 5 Songs I Love right now

“Go on and try to bring me down, I will be rising from the ground,”
Skyscraper is heartbreaking yet optimistic:-) 
Okay I admit I’m a lovatic… Demi Demi is love!
Among disney stars Demi is closest to my heart, i love her music, her style, her beauty and most especially her persona.
i just love the melody of this song,
nothing more significant other than that…>smiles<
Soooper love Paolo’s rendention of Skyfall!
Paolo is my most favorite among the contestant of TheVoicePh. 
This Zamboangeño cutie had my attention the first time i saw him on tv.
Unfortunately he didn’t win as the first Voice the Philippines, but its okay he’s still my favorite. 


We found love in a hopeless place:-)
Hearing this song makes me think of the survivors of the typhoon yolanda.
I hope they still find love despite the hopeless situation they’re in right now.

Day2: Favorite Quote

True say, most of the time we are too busy preparing for our future that we forget to live and enjoy life one day at a time. We focus too much in discovering what the future will bring that we didn’t notice what’s happening around us and soon that moment will only be a memory we haven’t enjoyed.
And sometimes we are in a hurry that we tend to go faster with life because we want to reach the destination as fast as we can. At the end of the road we’ll realize we missed a lot of things, (those simple yet memorable moments). So try to slow down, look around and enjoy life:-)
Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off