Pam Togonon is a native from the wonderful city in a forest; a wallflower, self-proclaimed ‘fishtetarian’, student of life and lover of arts. She’s not gifted with so much talent but she love drawing letters ….her friends do appreciate her cooking skills but she’s not confident about it. She loves the smell of old books, rain, mountains, and things not meant for her. She is a doer and wants immediate results. She loves to live fast-paced lifestyle.

In the later years of her humble existence in this world, she learned that she’s been living a life of an introvert. Since childhood, she always had very few people to play with. Hence, she spent most of her time in her room reading, drawing and sometimes listening to music. Before and until now she could not even follow the so called normal, social life. Nothing terrifies her as much as public speaking and at least used to be anxious in social situations. She’s always been the one who could never stand to be in a group of people for long. She prefers to stay home alone. She wants to observe much more than she wants to talk. Wait!! Yeah, she is a millennial and already in the quarter of her journey. She is not perfect, She have scars, She doesn’t have an amazing figure, She get into fights with her parents and friends, there are times that she walk into a room and forget why she was there. There are days that she’s forced to use a fake smile and a fake laugh. She hides her pain from her loved ones and says it is a long story when it’s really not.

Music always makes her feel like dancing and technology always turns her on. When she is at her best she can be progressive and fearlessly dare to be different. But, when she is at her worst she can be rebellious! She tends to shake things up without a cause. She will always be a little bit of anything. She has an obsession with good designs. She hates the streets and crowded places. She is not a book nerd, but have multiple favorites. She is crazy over ‘inspiring-romance-suspense’ books and reality shows. She has a thing for reggae and country music and sci-fi movies. She doesn’t like awkward small talk and hates public speaking ever since.

Her journey to life was really bumpy; She saw a lot of road signs along the way, she got confused and took her own share of twists and turns. Life truly is a roller-coaster ride! It has knocked her down a lot of times; it shown her things she never wanted to see. She has experienced sadness and failures. One thing is certain, She will always get up! Yes, she will always get up.



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