LIFE as of late

Hello my dear digital life, by the way here is my photo update on life as of late…

The Teacher 1 Applicants. #TeamBuklo
The sweetlife of not being the only one “buklo” in applying for Senior High teaching position.
Roadtrip to Nagtabon beach.
Playing patintero in the sand… like we were just kids.
PataTeam trademark: “walang sawang pictorial”
a quick visit to Ai World.
My 28th birthday celebration at the Molo’s residence.
Thank you so much my dear PataTeam
Birthday celebration of our mommeng Ivy.
Overnight at Claucar beach at Langogan PPC.
Lunch over.. 5 kilos of tahong sponsored by kuya nurse.
Chinese New Year! Date night with my sis Abby.
Roadtrip to Tagburos and dinner at Tiya Ising’s sponsored by ma’am Joi.
Last week of our bookkeeping class at Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trades.
Beer night with the cousins.
A one day visit to the Cardejon’s farm at Isaub Aborlan.
Villalva Clan.. at Quezon Palawan.
Morning walk by the beach at the west coast. Like a nanny to my nephews.
Hospital visit to our dear Dirk. 🙂
Easter Sunday and water baptism at Sicud Baptist Church.
Kath’s celebration for passing the LET. Enjoying the food and music at Homebound KTV.
Lunch date with high school friends.
During my skills demo for bread and pastry production.
My masterpiece.
Lunch fellowship with Ms. Grace, a new found sister in Christ.
Joining the song number of Young professionals for the 88th Anniversary celebration of Puerto Princesa Baptist Church.
Seminar for Sunday school teachers at PPBC with Ma’am Evangeline Geroy as the speaker.
helpful tips
The young professionals.
Like a pro. 🙂
Smiling like she’s not going through a heartbreak.
A date with myself at Isla Casoy Cafe.
Rich in fiber dinner prepared by our mommeng Ivy.
She is not broken. She is breaking through.

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