Di Nagmahal, Di rin Nasaktan, Pero Nagfoodtrip!

August 21: Sundate with Marj and Shani (Divine Sweets)

img_4517 img_4516 img_4519 img_4529 img_4531 img_4536 img_4538 img_4539 img_4540 img_4543


August 20: Saturdate with Parts (Karma Cafe)

img_4573 img_4577 img_4578 img_4580


August 20: Fresh Pancit @Nitchies



September 10: Thirdwheeling with Jireh and Dale (Neva’s Place)

img_4838 img_4845 img_4851 img_4856 img_4857 img_4863 img_4871 img_4872 img_4881 img_4882


September 12: Movie date *Train to Busan*  and Hugot night with Marj and Shani (Hugot Cafe)

img_5028 img_5025 img_5021 img_5019 img_5016 img_5009 img_4997 img_4990img_4937 img_4972 img_4970 img_4979 img_4980 img_4984 img_4987 img_4930 1473770010820 1473769952338 1473769970642 1473769992592 img_5033 img_5036 img_5042 img_5046


September 18: Breaking the fast (Kapetol Palawan)



September 24: Baga Baga Night (Baga Baga Puerto)

img20160924161952 img20160924161404 img20160924175556 img20160924171754


– – – – – – – Ka Inato

img20160925120106 img20160925124939


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