July Already?

July already?

I realized today was the third of July already and it kind of spun me out. Time sure doesn’t wait for anyone eh. So where did June go? I don’t know .:(

Ok here I am again trying to be back to blogging. I am not pretty active when it comes to blogging these past few weeks/months. For a while I thought I got tired of social media, online life becomes boring and tiring. I was caught in a boredom cycle and I wanted to quit. Actually as 2016 started, I was already contemplating on having a social media break. I realized that for the last 3 years I’ve become a social media monster. I can’t last a day without checking my twitter, facebook and instagram. And it’s not healthy knowing that i was like being controlled by it. Social media was consuming my life and the need for a break is so strong and i’m willing to take the plunge. For a while, I wanted to disconnect with everything especially to the negative vibes it brings. Social media now became a hotbed of bragging and bashing and I’m guilty of it, fornI am also an online basher. Ugh.. I’m hating myself for it. So, for the past weeks I tried not to update any of my social media accounts especially my facebook. 4 months ago i deactivated my twitter account, deleted most of my photos in facebook and unfriended and block some friends. Let’s leave my instagram alone I’m still checking on it from time to time.. haha.

Why I can’t totally quit social media?

So many times I attempted deleting my fb but i simply just can’t. Ugh, I wanted to but i can’t! Facebook is my connection to my family and friends who are distant away. Communication with friends becomes easier because of FB messenger.fbbb

Then, there’s twitter.  4 months ago I deleted my twitter, but just few weeks ago I signed up again. See how ‘baliw’ pam is. haha.. Why did I delete my twitter anyway? It’s my source of news and updates from my favorite people. It is also my source of nice quotes, hugots and everything randomly tweeted under the sun.tw

The third one is instagram. I love taking photos.. hence why Instagram has always been my favorite social media platform. IG is fun and creative. I love the fact that I can actually develop my own style and format on how do i want my feed will look like.:)ig

And now, there’s snapchat. I tried downloading it in my phone but after a week of exploring, I can’t seem to get a hang of it. It’s frustrating I don’t know about snapchating..I gave up and uninstall. hahasnap

Lastly, my Personal BLOG. If I have to choose only one among my social media accounts I will definitely choose my blog.  This is my personal online sanctuary. No one of my family and real life friends know about it..-i hope.;) This blog is the extension of my introversion.. haha. I hope it’s good. So you see I’m not into *physically associating with people. I highly value my solitude.. char lang.:) This  blog is a friend, Here i can share my happiness when something good happens and also where i pour my heart out when i’m broken.:(IMG_3756

Wait.. I got tumblr/tumblog too. Haha.tum


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