White Fence Country Cafe

There are days that I fancy meeting a friend and dine in one of the best restaurants in the city. And last Sunday, after attending the 9am service at the Life Church, I invited my friend Janice to have lunch in one of the trending restaurants here in Puerto, the ‘White Fence Country Cafe’. Trending for the reason that… lately, I’ve been seeing photos of it on my fb feed and I’ve been hearing good words about it from my friends. And as curiosity hit me, I also wanted to take a look and have a taste of what they were talking about.:)

White Fence Country Cafe is located at 296 Manalo Extension, Puerto Princesa City. Only a 3-minute tricycle ride from the Puerto Princesa International Airport. The restaurant is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30am to10:00pm and is closed on Mondays for a reason that I don’t know.:)

White Fence Country Cafe is a European style restaurant but of course with a ‘Filipino touch’ that have a very unique and well-designed interior. Such a comfortable place to chill with family and friends and also a great place for lovers, as the cozy atmosphere gives a romantic feel to it. The resto has two sitting areas, the air-conditioned one and the non-air-conditioned. The restaurant is open for brunch until dinner and is offering the public a wide variety of food, from Italian, American, French to Filipino cuisine.

White Fence Country Cafe
Welcome to the White Fence!
White Fence Country Cafe
This is the view that welcomed us as we get inside, we were very impressed by the awesome atmosphere, the nice, cozy and colorful interior design.
White Fence Country Cafe
This is the non-air-conditioned area.
White Fence Country Cafe
And this is the view inside, where we chose to sit because it’s air-conditioned.:)
White Fence Country Cafe
Their own version of sizzling sisig, so crunchy and absolutely yummy. And for some experience, as careless as I am, I accidentally ate a chili that literally burned my mouth and turned my eyes red. Ugh, I wanted to cry but was too shy because there were foreigners sitting on the other end of the resto and were actually looking at me.
We also had salad –honey balsamic salad. I’m such a huge fan of salads. 🙂
White Fence Country Cafe
With Janice, my bestfriend since grade 1 and my forever pig-out buddy.
White Fence Country Cafe
After eating, we don’t want to leave the place yet without snapping  more photos. Ugh, every corner of this resto is a gem… -so instagram worthy.
White Fence Country Cafe
yayks, anyway highway… this is the restroom for the girls. So nice right?


White Fence Country Cafe
296 Manalo Extension, Bgy. Bancao-Bancao
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/whitefencecafe/
Website: https://www.whitefencecafe.weebly.com


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