It is comforting to know that God’s grace is what keeps me going on in life. His unlimited love never fails. No words to say, He loves me so much even though I don’t deserve His love. Continue reading “Grace”

Reflection: When in Doubt

‘Overwhelmed with worry and doubt’ -is what my heart is feeling right now. I always feel like I’m just failing God. My faith is faltering and giving up has always been an option. This is who I am, when difficult time comes, it is easy for me to doubt and grow overwhelmed thinking it’s never going to work out. It is so frustrating knowing that my faith in God is unstable. Why I can’t throw all these doubts away? I have been missing out life’s great opportunities all because of doubt. How can I doubt God’s love? How can I doubt His faithfulness? When storms of life surrounds me, it’s hard for me to rely on God’s promises. I am drawing myself in fear and worry instead of getting in touch with Him. A lot of times i tried to fix things my way, I didn’t allow God to take control of my situation.

Doubt/doubting is toxic, it is poisonous and it is the thing that keeps on destroying my faith over and over. It is easy for me to abandon my spiritual disciplines every time my heart is in doubt. It is the ‘doubt’ in my heart that keeps me from fully believing and trusting God’s faithfulness. -and I’m scared! I’ve got a heart full of doubt.

White Fence Country Cafe

There are days that I fancy meeting a friend and dine in one of the best restaurants in the city. And last Sunday, after attending the 9am service at the Life Church, I invited my friend Janice to have lunch in one of the trending restaurants here in Puerto, the ‘White Fence Country Cafe’. Trending for the reason that… lately, I’ve been seeing photos of it on my fb feed and I’ve been hearing good words about it from my friends. And as curiosity hit me, I also wanted to take a look and have a taste of what they were talking about.:)

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