Enero dos mil disi-sais

And just like that we’re ending January. Days elapse like a bat out of hell, maybe it’s because my days are often filled with something to do. My life has been a routine since my OJT started November last year. My Monday-Friday be like… Wake up at 5am everyday, cook breakfast, clean the house, take shower, head off to office, go home, do the laundry, go to sleep and start it over again the next day. Ugh, I don’t like routine, it bores me to death. I am a free spirit in so many ways and I don’t enjoy doing the same thing everyday. That’s why i was so excited to end my on-the-job training at the National Food Authority Palawan.

Here’s the recap of my happenings for the month of January…


January 1:To kick start the new year… we had our quick road-trip to the north. We just took a glimpse of the Nagtabon beach and did a river-searching at Brgy Candis.
life church
January 3: First Sunday is ‘Anointing Sunday’ at Life Church.
After the anointing, we decided to have our lunch at Jollibee Junction II. *We’re missing the fastfood scene because of the holidays.
Been practicing watercolor lettering. Watercolor is not my medium but i’m slowly getting used to it.
January 12: My Bestfriend’s birthday. It’s Janice’s day! We had dinner at Haim’s Chicken Inato and after the dinner we went to baywalk. We were just sitting there talking, laughing and watching people.
January 14: Happy Birthday to the ‘Tiger of the East’
January 28:My Birthday! it was a day after my OJT at the NFA-Palawan ended. NFA people were so kind to me during my OJT days and i wanted to treat them on my birthday. I cooked spaghetti and pansit for them. I’m not a good cook by the way, but i’m happy they loved the food.


This is my niece Xyza Miah… sooo sweet of her to give me a cake.

Cookies and cream cake from a highschool bestfriend ‘Maricar’.
The last stop of my birthday celebration -dinner at White Fence. This time with Maricar and her boyfie Lester.
January 31: Reading in a passenger seat. -On the way home to my parent’s to celebrate my Mama’s 52nd birthday. Btw, i bought that book at Booksale NCCC branch for only 35 pesos.:)
January 31: Cheers to your 52nd Madam!

So, that was my January all about. Thank you for dropping by my blog.:)


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