Nagtabon Beach: Road-trip to the North

The long overdue Nagtabon road-trip finally happened. We’ve been planning this road-trip for almost 4 months now. Actually, it was just me who is so persistent with this road-trip. Most of my cousins and friends and even my brother have already visited the place -the infamous ‘Nagtabon beach’. I was just curious about the place, it was like the talk of the town for a couple of months already and I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of it on Instagram and on facebook.

Nagtabon beach is located just 35 km from Puerto Princesa City. It is a wonderful place where you can have a long walk on a wide-white-sandy shoreline, enjoy the sun, and swim in a clear blue water. It wasn’t that far actually, more or less 45 minutes away from the city and riding a motorcycle is the most convenient way in getting there.

Ours was just a quick trip, we have no intentions of staying there for hours. I just wanna see what Nagtabon is. I rode a motorcycle with my cousin Ray, I never thought he is a reckless driver, he drives really fast and I was so scared we might meet an accident. Many times I told him to slow down, but he was so stubborn to do so and I’m feeling like we’re on a race. The ‘rocky-rough-road’ going down the beach was my major concern, I almost thought of not going down. But the cousin insisted that we must go down and see the beach.

View from the top.
nagtabon beach
Lots of locals and tourists celebrating new year at the beach. Sad to say, I wasn’t able to snap more photos of the beach for the reason that I don’t have a nice cam with me and my phone is already running out of battery.
Nagtabon beach
From the view deck.
Under the bridge scene. It is somewhere in Brgy. Candis.
Being careful on slippery rocks.
Saw this mini falls somwhere in candis also.
Going home. This time, I’m riding with my brother.

Yay, we were so tired after that road-trip that we weren’t able to do our chores. We were supposed to do a general house cleaning and do the laundry, but we just sit and watch TV the whole afternoon.:)


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