Life lately and not so lately

Hey, I’m still alive and back with another life lately post. I didn’t get to post my happenings for a couple of weeks… just that I got so busy with school and I also had some personal responsibilities to deal with.

life lately

So yeah, life has been pretty good to me lately…

  • I’ve been on hiatus for almost a month. #MIA
  • Night classes… and business law was may fav.
  • Cancelled trip to zambales… okay I’m absolutely bloody pissed off.
  • Finally chopped off more than 5” of my hair.
  • Got to stay at my parents place for 3days, doing my mama’s teaching devices.
  • Late night chitchats and movie marathons.
  • My kasambahay left! Ohlala -household chores.
  • Hearing suicide stories, bringing back my suicide attempts for the past years.
  • My brother turned 16.
  • My best friend les gave birth to a lovely baby girl ‘Sophia Leigh’.
  • Filming with the street kids of Sta. Monica for our social responsibility compilation.
  • Shopping time with the family.. -one of my favorite things.
  • Night swims
  • Horseback riding at mitra’s ranch.
  • Letting go of my old lappy…it’s been six years though.
  • Had a huge fight with my brother, and he end up going home to my parents.
  • Afternoon coffee with high school friends.
  • Final exams
  • Found a nice café near the city coli… another tambayan for us.
  • Home alone and over thinking about everything.
  • Finally thinking of my ‘lovelife’.
  • Back to my obsession of having abs.
  • Holding a 3 weeks old baby for the first time. I was really nervous that I might crush her in my arms.
  • Finals is finally over…MASAYAHHH

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