Sunday at McCoys

Last Sunday, my bestfriend Janice and I together with my cousin Jireh attended the Life Church’s 9am service at the city coliseum. After the service we agreed to have lunch at McCoys. Yesh, After almost 2 months of not seeing each other, we’re doing it again… ‘hanging out and strolling around the city after church’.

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McCoys Pizza house is located along the National Highway, Barangay San Miguel Puerto Princesa. Trust me when I say their thin crust wood-fired pizza is one of the best in city. Their pizza dough is freshly made every day and only rolled out when you order. They also offer an array of pasta dishes and my personal pick is their seafood pasta. They also have several dishes perfect with rice and I would love to recommend their Tuscan pork chops. For the budget conscious like me, they also have ‘kuripot pizza’ and the combo meals, which all are very tasty despite being budget friendly. McCoys also serve variety of sweet and delicious desserts such as Leche Flan, Oreo Chessecake, Dulce de leche and my favorite blueberry cheesecake.

McCoys Pizza House
The place is small and cozy.
McCoys Pizza house
Its warm ambiance gives cozy feel to the place.
McCoys pizza house
Native wood carvings and paintings hung from the walls. And i always feel comfortable in their bucket seats with lots of throw pillows.
They also have a selection of available books to read while waiting for your food. And that is my bestie Janice seriously scrutinizing the menu.
This is my cousin Jireh, taking much of her time looking at the menu thinking what to order.
By the way, here’s what McCoys is offering to the public. You can see there the dishes with their corresponding prices.
My first time to try the combo #5.
Groufie before leaving our table.

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