Book: Breach of Trust

Breach of Trust is an inspiring-romance-suspense read, written by an accomplished and award winning inspirational author Diann Mills.tumblr_ntof0pxSgZ1qeifafo1_1280

-anyway highway, this is not a book review post. This is a collation of lines and phrases that caught me while reading the book –words that something I can relate too.

The epitome of success is power, not a bank account or a feature in forbes. –those are the side benefits. –Keary

-I highly disagree! I guess it’s a built-in-thinking for us humans that success is all about material benefits and accomplishments. When I was a kid, my idea of success is having a college degree and attaining financial freedom. Certainly, success is more than that. As I age and through hearing testimonies and experiences, I began to have a better understanding what real success is.  Success isn’t all about abundance of riches and accomplishments. I see a lot of accomplished and wealthy people who aren’t happy. Yes, they have the fame and the money but they aren’t experiencing real happiness because they are not contented with what they already have. We all have different perspectives in viewing success, and in my own view, success is about happiness and contentment. No matter what your status in the society is, no matter how much penny you have in your pocket, as long as you’re happy and contented with what you have you may consider yourself a success.

Even Lucifer was called “morning star”, son of the dawn. –don’t be suckered by the image.

-true say… looks can be deceiving! We cannot make judgment to anyone or anything as something we see. Surely, there is more beyond our eyes can see. I am not an exception in judging someone or something through the looks and I must admit I am a lousy ‘judgmental human being’. When I see someone/something that is pleasing to the eyes, my initial reaction would be –‘ah, okay! This is good’. I am a sucker of good image and I usually make judgement through the outside appearance, I tend judge people by looks, a book by its cover and a music by its title.

No one know the whole story but God.

-all the feelings of disappointments and frustrations and the reason behind all these struggles… only God knows! I would say I’m good at bottling up all my emotions and pretend like everything is fine, especially with my loved ones. Though, there are times I would wish I have someone whom I can share all my fears and hurts, someone who can see the truth and the pain even when I am fooling everyone else… Sad to admit I have no one.  -I have trust issues and trusting for me is extremely a difficult task. I find it hard to trust someone even my family, thinking they will betray me in the end. Yes, I trust no one but God. In Him alone I can cry my heart out and share everything. He knows everything about me, he knows my highest joy and deepest sorrow, and I know I can’t hide anything from Him.

 Darkness could be a friend or foe, depending on who held the edge.

-I am definitely gratified to be one of those people who isn’t afraid of the dark. Darkness, I find it very helpful even not in its literal sense. I know dangers are lurking in the dark, but what my response to it, is the opposite. Most of the time I feel safe in the dark. Actually I sleep with no lights at all, it is a real struggle for me to sleep with the lights on. Yep, darkness is my comfort zone! –darkness can hide many things and for me that’s the real thing.:)

Too many times it seemed the world was a mass of gray –no color no light.

-Hard to admit that I made a fool out of myself and knock myself down; and the impact: ‘feelings-of-dark-days’ the world seems sooo dark… no color, no light. I couldn’t clearly see what is happening, confused about everything and I struggle to understand my situation. Everything sucks and everyday feels the same. The situation itself seems overwhelming and problems seem encompassing. It is hard to feel positive about the future. All the time I was just in the corner, wishing to see a bright light anywhere in sight and hoping that my life starts to change real soon.


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