Drawing Chronicles Vol. 1

Last week was a weird week for me. The bad weather hit me sooo bad, and I have been feeling sick for almost two weeks already:( Yeah, I was sick and bored to death and I felt like drawing…..

Below, are the photos of what I have been drawing during my home-staycation.
I have no particular tool in drawing, I just use whatever I like and….. please, please bear with my artworks, I’m not a pro… I am just a self-proclaim hobbyist:)

Keep believing…. in yourself, in everything good and most especially in God!


Every morning i long for you… oh coffee, i love your warmth, your smell and your taste. 🙂 i love you!


unconfessed stories and tears:(


i just miss the butterfly ladies and our butterfly room:(


anybody can wine and dine.. but it takes courage to truly shine:)



sadtruth is you can hurt yourself more than can anyone can hurt you by keeping all your feelings hidden:(



7 thoughts on “Drawing Chronicles Vol. 1

  1. I’m sorry you were sick! You are a great artist! I wish I was that good! I’m only an abstract artist because I cannot draw exactly what I see I can interpret what I see though in an artistic way. I love your drawings!

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