The Sunday Currently volume 3

Another Sunday, another list. Hooray! I’m on my Sunday Currently volume 3.:)

R E A D I N G – ‘Still Waters’ a sequel to Jennifer Laucks’ critically acclaimed memoir, ‘Blackbird’.

W R I T I N G – a post about ‘stage fright’ and also this post.

L I S T E N I N G – to Demi Lovato’s ‘Give your Heart a break’.

W A T C H I N G – ‘ASAP’ waiting for the appearance of the PBB737 teen big 4. #teamYLONA!

T H I N K I N G – of repainting my room.

W I S H I N G – that i could go on a roadtrip next week. Northbound hopefully:)

N E E D I N G – to go back exercising and clean eating. I’m not liking my chubby cheeks  and that heavy feeling inside…blah!blah!:(

W A N T I N G – to do a major home-make-over.

S M E L L I N G – the spicy garlic crab that we will be having for lunch.

L O V I N G – the rain.. Makes me want to stay in bed whole day.

C R A V I N G -oh, i want everything… I want pizza, fries, ice cream, tacos….. #everything

W E A R I N G -white sando and shorts.


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