July 28, 2015

It was Sunday midnight (July 27) when my long-time friend Marjorie texted me, inviting me to join them for dinner the following day. I was soo excited, knowing that Leslie and Maricar will be there too. After high school graduation we only had a couple of chances seeing each other. I’ve lost contact with them years ago, -on my emotional pingpong times (dealing with personal problems leads me to disconnecting with everybody). So yeah, I really wanna meet them so bad coz I miss them sooo much. We decided to meet at the Robinsons Place at 7 pm, I was the first one to be there then Marics and Les came over. Marics was so pretty as always and I was sooo surprised when I saw Leslie I never know she was preggy (7 months all the way:)).

Sad to say Marj wasn’t able to join our mini reunion. Can’t believe she’s still not allowed to go out at night. Uhm yeah, her parents are soo strict:(. So okay, It was only the three of us, Marics, Les and Me and we choose to chill out at Divines Sweets, we had frapuccinos’ while sharing stories of life and love. Haiii.. high school buddies always the best!

No matter how much time or distance separates us, we can always come back to each other’s company to laugh about the dumb things we did as if nothing has ever changed.
Divine Sweets -Robinsons Place Palawan
The mall closes at 9pm so we decided to continue our chit-chat at the nearest Jollibee drive thru. We ordered nothing there, we were just talking and taking pictures –that’s how we missed each other eh.
Then we headed to Asturia’s Hotel where Les is staying. We stayed there until 11pm before we called it a night.
Asturia’s Hotel Palawan
-and the final groufie of the night taken at the entrance of Robinsons Place Palawan



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