Can’t believe 2015 is already half over and pretty much life has been mixed up lately….. ‪#‎inBullets



  • Have been MIA for the past weeks.
  • Stress eating, Bad hair days, Night classes and Daily brownouts.
  • Meeting new people and making new friends.
  • School reports and tons of assignments for my taxation class.
  • Falling inlove with the idea of hoarding books.
  • Staying up late at night listening to my favorite playlist.
  • Thinking/making ways to maximize my future consumption. ‪#investment
  • Thinking of giving ‘short-bob-cut’ a shot.
  • I’m kind of addicted to ‘peanut butter’ right now.
  • Crushing on white long sleeves and ripped boyfriend jeans.
  • Rainy weekend + chocolate ice cream makes a great combo.
  • Started reading ‘Breach of Trust’ by Diann Mills.
  • Realizing that most of my facebook friends are simply acquaintances.

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