Asus Zenfone C

Since my LG Smartphone bade goodbye to me months ago, I never tried buying a smart phone again. Anyways, I’m not after a multifunctional phones like android OS, or Windows phone; my need of having a phone is simply basic. I am already satisfied with my “MyPhone 88i” which all I can do is to call, text and listen to music. Besides, I already have my iPad where I can play games, read ebooks, check my emails and do almost everything a smart phone does. So, it seems really no need to buy one. But then, technology is evolving and becoming part of our daily lives particularly in school. Sharing files and research became so easy and almost everybody in school have a smart phone and even our teachers do. So I also started to feel the need of owning one and I decided to buy one.:)

Myphone B88i
Anyways, here is my “MyPhone 88i”, been with me for two years now.

Unfortunately, here in Palawan, we don’t have a wide range of available phones to choose from. So I am stuck to what is available and it is only the ‘Asus Zenfone C’ I saw on the store that suits my budget and is appropriate to my taste in terms of physicalities.

Here is my new Zenfone C, bought it for only 4,695 pesos at Puerto Electronico:

Asus Zenfone C
Front view
Asus Zenfone C
Back view

So okay, I have been using this phone for three weeks now and here’s my verdict.

Zenfone C was first released in the market earlier this year, if I’m not mistaken it became available here in the Philippines last February only. Body size is cool, not too big and not too small with a dimension of 5.37  x 2.64 x 0.43 inches. It has a dual sim support and is using microsim. It is powered by 1.2GHz dual core Intel Atom Z2520 and runs on Android v4.4.2(kitkat) and I guess it is the latest in the market. The processing power is fast though it is only dual core, maybe because it is Intel:) In my three weeks of using it, so far so good! I haven’t encountered lagging issues and no app crashes yet;) Apps open quickly and run smoothly, *I hope this is not only because of its newness. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It also has a microSD slot and is capable of up to 64GB, more than enough of memory for my needs. It also comes with a SonicMaster audio which really is a thumbs-up for me:) You know how I love listening to my favorite playlists and Zenfone C’s audio sounds really good to my ears.

For me the downside of this phone is its camera, and to be honest I’m not satisfied in this department. The primary cam is only 5mp and the front cam is VGA. To a trying hard photo-poet like me, this is not a good phone of choice. Well, how can I expect much from a 5mp shooter? So, I would not try to recommend it to you if you are into photography, trust me you’ll get disappointed too. I am also not happy with the battery performance, it doesn’t last long. It can easily drain the device even in normal use and it gets too hot quickly.:(

Never minding the downsides, I have learned to love this phone. For overall performance, Asus Zenfone C is great for its price. For a phone that costs P4,695, this one is pretty cool compared to other smartphones out there.


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