Tuesday Ten

Basically, yesterday was my first day of school and I guess I survived it with flying colors. Haha..Okay guys, today I’m sharing with you my top ’10 school bag essentials’ these are the things I can’t go to school without.

NOTEBOOK AND PAPER -writing materials are always vital in college especially in taking notes.
writing utensils
BLACK AND RED PEN, MECHANICAL PENCIL, HIGHLIGHTER, ERASER AND CORRECTION TAPE -pens are as necessary as papers, of course how can I take down notes and answer my written exams without any writing utensils. Mechanical pencil is also a must, I never know when i have to draw something, and for getting rid of mistake in my paper i have with me my eraser and correction tape.
CALCULATOR -I am a finance major and there will always be ‘financial-related’ problem which requires the use of a calculator.
flash drive
FLASH DRIVE -I never know when I am going to grab some files from my teachers and classmates. It is also essential for presentations especially in my major subjects that we are oblige to report at least one topic.
fresh mints
FRESH MINTS -trust me, nobody wants to talk to you when your mouth smells like adobo that you had for your lunch.
ipad and smartphone
PHONE, IPAD AND MP3-Mobile phone for me is necessary, it performs a major role in my communication with my family and friends especially in emergency situations. My iPad is for research purposes and I also have my Mp3 in my bag, I like to listen to my favorite playlists during breaks while waiting for the next class.
wallet with cash
WALLET WITH SOME CASH AND COINS -I call them emergency money for photocopies and other school fees.
beauty kit
GROOMING KIT -having to stay fresh for the whole day is a must!
UMBRELLA -the weather is quite unpredictable these days, I never know when it is going to rain.
BISCUIT AND A BOTTLE OF WATER -I find it hard to focus in my lessons when my stomach is empty. I always have my biscuit and candies in my bag and also a bottle of water to keep me hydrated all day.

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