Throwing it back to the glory dorm days

When I first set foot in the ‘City of Love’, I was terrified that I may not be able to find a good place to stay and friends to hang out with. Not that I don’t know somebody or anyone, in-fact I have lots of relatives in Iloilo and mostly from my father’s side which I haven’t meet until I came there for college. Basically, I barely know these relatives of mine, I only hear their names in my father’s stories. So, yeah.. I don’t have plans of staying in their place. I know how difficult it is especially when conflict arises. Since I have no plans of staying in my uncle’s or auntie’s place; I decided to find myself a place to stay ‘a-boarding-house-near-the-school’. My father entrusted me to my uncles and aunties; so, i do visit them almost every weekend of my first year in Iloilo. I know that I’m going to have a difficult time going outside my comfort zone. I am so freak out with the idea of living under the same roof with so many different types of people, but i overcome it along the way. ugh, ilonggo people are the friendliest.


Copy of IMG_0020
Unfortunately i don’t have a photo of the first boarding house where i stayed for almost a year. But, here is a photo with my board-mates:)

My first boarding house was like a century old building and for me it has that ‘ancient-creepy-vibe’ more going to be like a haunted house. I don’t like the ambiance of the place! But, that’s the cheapest, closest to the school and has the available room that is suited for me. The room is good for two people but I rented it solo. I am not open to the idea of having a roomate. I value my privacy so much that I don’t want to be sharing a room especially with someone I don’t know. So far the place was a bad choice for me, but the great thing is that  people there were so nice. Ilonggos are known to be sweet and friendly and I have proven it was true. My board-mates are awesome they are the friendliest bunch I’ve ever met. Since I was the youngest, they treat me as the baby in the house. Oh my! When I’m with them, I’m feeling like a real baby..haha! My board-mates are the best!  When I’m sick they’re there to take care of me, they would bring me to the hospital even if it was already past 12 midnight. They’re there to comfort me when I’m lonely; first day of school, I was crying hard because I am terribly missing home and kuya Jason was there talking to me and comforting me. When I need a friend they were always there for me. Ate Jeanette, ate Ping, Ate Tracy and ate Shai were the closest to me; they were like real big sisters for me. They would help me even with personal chores. There was a time when Michael did iron all my clothes that I’m going to bring for my Davao trip with the navs; yeah, he saw me doing it wrong and it’s a shame for a girl like me don’t know how to iron clothes.:)) My awesome board-mates helped me survive my first year miles away from home. I never imagined my first dorm-experience would be that great. I am grateful to the Lord that he led me to that place. My board-mates are my friends. There are times that we attend the school activities together, we cook together, we jam together, eat together, shop together, watch movie together, we even go out-of-town road-trips. spell AWESOME!

With my mommy Tracy in their room. Yep, you read it right:) i used to call her mommy and she calls me anak. She was the first one in the house i got along with.
Striking a pose at ate Nids and ate Ping’s room with ate Shai, ate Nids, ate Jeanette and Shella.
sheng 012
At ste Sheng and Kuya Paul’s room with (L-R) shella, ate Ping, ate Rolyn and ate Jeanette.




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