Finals: #OOTD

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First of all, i want to stress the fact that i am not a fashion enthusiast! But hey, I just wanna share my first #ootd here;  actually, this is already a late post. This was my ootd for my final exam in ParCor last May 18,2015. I know there is nothing special about it; still i want to post it..hehe.

Due to the unbearable heat outside i choose to wear minimal colored clothes. My outfit that day was a pure combination of black and white ‘#minimal’.

What I wore: 

  • ‘white t-shirt’ -from Oxygen Robinsons Palawan branch for only P299.00.
  • Crissa acid wash jeans’ -from Robinsons Palawan department store for only P999.00.
  • Michaela gray sling bag’ -from NCCC mall Palawan for only P600.00.
  • That ‘black sneakers’ -was my mom’s, but she already gave that to me.
  • The ‘ray ban’? –borrowed from my brother.:))


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