PBA All-star weekend in Palawan

The most awaited PBA all-star game happened today here in Puerto Princesa City Coliseum, and as a PBA die-hard fan, I am one of those thousands of people who looked and ordered tickets for the game.

tumblr_nl07hcWgna1s3pgf1o1_1280That is why I am so grateful to ‘a very special friend’ of my cousin who generously gave me 2 tickets. *imagine my utter happiness*.. You truly are a blessing ‘pareko’. Well thanks for joining and accompanying me in watching the all-star game, though you said you were not really a fan of basketball particularly the PBA. Anyways thanks for accompanying me from the long queue at the entrance f the coli until the end of the game. The truth is, I am one hell of a enochlophobic and my close friends know that. They know how much I am scared of going out to crowded places. When we’re in the mall and there are celebrities having their mall-shows, they understand me if all I wanna do is to stay inside the department store or find books in national bookstore until the show is over and the crowd is gone. So okay, I got this extreme fear of crowded places especially in a closed building. I feel that any time there will be chaos or maybe the building will suddenly collapse.*how weird*.. But I forgot all those fears just to watch my PBA idols especially that my three favorites are there (Marc Pingris, Arwind Santos and Jimmy Alapag)..#gigil -So fortunate of me to be able to watch sir Jimmy Alapag in his final all-star game as he is already retiring from his PBA career. Until now, I still can’t believe that I was able to have a glimpse of my PBA idols, (such a rare opportunity for me). Thus, I am extremely grateful to those who organized the event. Thanks to the PBA all-star committee for choosing Palawan your venue for the ‘PBA all-star 2015’. Thank you so much for the free tickets, for as far as i know this is the first time that the tickets are free for the PBA All-Star *yeboi!*.. Huge thankie also to all the PBA Stars for the kindness you’ve shown to us and for your love for Palawan. I hope this is not the last time.:) Please come back to Puerto Princesa soon. Adios! 🙂

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