Sweetest Quiz Cake

Its been so long since the last time i did stuff like this. If memory serves me right, the last one i can remember was my mom’s teaching device and that was a year ago.

But i can’t say no when my cousin Jireh asked for my help in doing her IM, though at first i was so hesitant for the fact that i am too lazy to think of something unique to make. I have no idea of what should i’m going to do. All i know is i have to make a standing instructional material that is made up of paper, i tried to search in Pinterest of something that is related to paper crafts and i found a cute photo paper cake. Imagine my utter excitement when i got the idea of doing this for Jireh ‘s IM. It was not an easy craft, but the good thing is that there are tons of online tutorials for paper cake. So much thankie Pinterest for saving my sleepy-lazy-creative-spirit.
I never thought it would take me 3 days to finish this craft
Here’s the end result of 3 night’s puyatan. It is not as perfect as with the one from pinterest but for me it is really cute.:))
It’s totally worth it to strike a pose with this not-so-kawaii-cake.:))Well ain’t this the sweetest quizcake??

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