My Feb-ibig month-end review

My valentine month was nothing extraordinary, its just that i got so busy with a lot of things.

Right after the bloody midterm exam i got a weeklong-home-stay-cation
 in my parents place.
aaargh #happiness
Here’s my mama.
We barely see each other so everytime we do, i took photos of her a lot.
Love month leads me to loving books again.
My first read was Love Rosie by Cecilia Ahern.
I also managed to revive my love for drawing and lettering.
Two lovely ladies in red are my dates last valentines day.


-and for the 9th time, i rearranged my room.
So my jeans won’t fit and my shirts are so tight.
Started my weeklong heavy diet, unfortunately i failed.
Trying my way hard to master the art of watercolor painting.
This is really is it!..been craving for sugpo since new year.:))
We’re doing Jireh’s instructional materials for her DIT requirements.
Hey, i’m a big fan of Kathniel too.
And to end my love-month…last night my bestie and I watched the 
super kilig movie of Kathniel  the ‘Crazy Beautiful You’.

…and this is me closing the second chapter of my 2015.

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