Talk about reading again

 I very rarely buy myself new books for the reason that I don’t read that much for quite some time. But, after I finished reading the “Love Rosie” I got the urge of reading more books. I totally love the book and I really enjoyed reading it. I guess my passion for reading is back. Yep, I was once an avid reader of great stories and a sucker for good books especially pocketbooks. Maybe it’s high time to once again indulge myself in what I call leisure reading, this time maybe with different genres.


As I was saying I was once a sucker for good books. However, along with the rise of technology comes also different kinds of entertainment, there is the laptop where I can watch movies, surf the net and get myself buried with Facebook, twitter and tumblr.  There comes also smart phones and iPad where I can play games all night. I became so high and got addicted with   all these techie stuffs that I somewhat disregard the things I used to love doing before.  I believe as a young girl I used to be an artist (*wink*wink*) i spent most of my spare time in our room with my pencil and sketch pad lettering, drawing and doing anything crafty stuffs. 

I also used to love reading pocketbooks, in fact I have this not-so-huge collection of PHR pocketbooks. Tagalog pocketbook, as it is written in our own language it is very easy to understand and to relate with. But, the downside of always reading tagalog pocketbooks is that it doesn’t quench my thirst in learning and speaking fluently the English language. I know it is very important for someone to be able to express her/himself with it for it is considered to be the universal language. I know how difficult it is to communicate with someone who doesn’t have the native tongue as yours.
So okay I am now totally getting the message of the essence in leisure reading. For each time I read great books I am embracing a new thought and new ideas. I am exposed to more new unfamiliar words and I’m beginning to learn how creatively I can express my emotions through words. Great books fills my head with new bits of information…yep there is more knowledge and inspiration in every single I read.
So I have to finish this post already for I am now plunging myself in a haunting page-turner book entitled “The secrets between us”. Aja!

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