Love Rosie

Got myself lost in a cute story of two people who are meant to be together but just can’t seem to get it right. Love Rosie, is a book that is written in series of emails and letters of the characters, not the usual kind of storytelling I say.


Very unique from other books I have read before and that’s what makes it really a page-turner for me. It is a not-so-typical ‘love story’ between Alex and Rosie best friends since childhood, they were like partners in crime in everything they do specially in school. Unfortunately have to part ways when they were teenagers when Alex has to move to Boston with his family. Their friendship was tested by time and space. One day they were so sure of what they want to be and where they are going to, in fact they already have plans for their future. Until life sends them into different hurling directions from what supposed to be their plans are. And that makes it more difficult for the both of them to figure out their feelings towards each other. But somehow despite of all the circumstances they’ve been through, the bind between them never got lost and at the end love still find its way back into each other’s arms.
There are certain events in our life that are beyond our control and beyond our understanding.  True say, life can sometimes be funny but in an annoying way. One day you sure you already know what are going to be or where you want to be, but even before you know it your life has already turned upside-down like it has its own way of taking a 360 degree turn without you knowing. Life will send you to the opposite direction of what supposed to be where you are. All your plans have gone astray like it wasn’t there in the first place. You never imagined to be tangled up in a miserable situation as the consequence of all the wrong turns you made along the way. Well, life’s journey is never said to be straight and smooth, in fact it is really bumpy. There are rough roads, U-turns and even road blocks to have you your own version of twists and turns and the crooked way might sometimes get you lost on track. And mind you, getting back is never easy, there are times that you have to go back where everything started. There are possibilities of getting lost again but still you have a choice whether to give up or to keep moving on and strive for a better life. Whatever life story you have, good or bad always be reminded that there is always a reason or purpose behind that story.

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