Maiaako today

WEARING… my usual outfit, t-shirt plus jeans and a pair of sneakers. Today I’m wearing blue jeans, white t-shirt and a pair of black sneakers. So okay, i don’t have a very nice combo here. You can say i’m not into fashion and style:)) Fashion is way out of my league and besides I always prefer comfort over style.

WAITING… for my bestfriend’s confirmation text about our dinner reservation for her post-birthday blowout. I’m so excited for tonight’s birthday bash, kind of late but still a party.:))
LISTENING… to some mexican jazz playing here in my favorite hideout. ‘Cafe ole’. 
SMELLING… the sweet aroma of my brewed coffee and it smells really good as it tastes. 
SEEING… people passing by along valencia street.
EATING… macaroons, not my fave but i ordered it anyway ‘for a change’.
DRINKING… brewed coffee and its my first time to try it with milk. Not that bad, but i still prefer strong black coffee.
TIME CHECK: 5:48pm

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