2014: Foodstagramming Coach

2014–> definitely a foodie year for me.

I have no idea what is happening but I have learn to love food and that is no good for me. What is wrong with me? I don’t like getting fat but I can’t stop loving food. If you happen to visit my instagram page you’ll understand what i’m talking about. Most of my posts there are nothing but #instaFood:) and here’s to show some of my food posts…

My first breakfast for the year.

Party Foods from my mama’s 50th birthday
I usually starts my day with a cup of black coffee.


Sunday lunch in the house:) Letchon kawali and ice cream. Tasty combination:))


Heavy dinner with my cousin Jireh.


O’ its sikad sikad


I prepared this merienda for my nanay Nida the last time she visited us here in Puerto.


Razon’s Halohalo… for me the best halohalo in town.


skyflakes + cheese + chocolates


o’ he likes my food:)


Wild rambutan and alimasag.




TV marathon with my bro, we’re really not that hungry:))


One of my favorite Mcoy’s combo… Rice, Tuscan Porkchop, Coleslow plus mushroom soup.


Dinner for the sick.


Pasalubong from the middle east from my cousin’s hubby.


Merienda for one cold after afternoon.


#sweets for keeps


coz i’m just a kid:)


coffee+pancake+goodbook = perfect morning


How sweet is that?


Sweet pasalubong from parents.


Hey, i made this one. My own version of tocino burger with egg.


When toxicity strikes… detoxify with cucumber infused water.


#brunch #longganisafriedrice



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