January is our BirthMonth

Yeboi, I turned *2…* last January 28 and my parts Janice gave me this super pinkalush cake. Girly much:))
soo much thankieee parts!

…and the Big FIVE-0 comes…
My mama turned 50 last January 31 and as requested we throw her a party.
Actually my papa also turned 54 last January 14 and my birthday is January 28:))
So, we decided to have 3 celebrations in one party but ofcourse the highlight was my mom’s 50th birthday:-)
Here’s the invitation… and hey! i made it:-)))
Here’s the birthday cake, matching colors with the invitation card. I ordered it at La Patisserie, the only one i know who makes fondant cakes here in Puerto.
*the theme was gold since its 50th and i only added maroon for compliment.
 First set up:-) I find it hard setting up the table for it was sooo small.
 the celebrant!
  Thankie beautiful teachers for helping us prepare the food:-)
 My bro ask me to take a photo of him with the lechon:-)))
…i bought these brownies at bakers hill
crispy lechon balat
…the guests are coming
…and the celebration started with a prayer then a short message from our church Pastor and the birthday wishes of the family and friends.
 …and the most awaited moment:-)
-eating time!
 …my mama’s colleagues were present also
 *some of my titos, titas and cousins…having their own little party outside
 .time to slice the cake
 first bite: for the celebrant:)
 -the celebrant with her inaanak Chriszelle
-Sicud Elementary Teachers
-My two pamangkins… Zander and Xyza

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