Day11:Maiaako’s Bucket List

Things I wanna go/do/have before i die!
Let’s see what will i accomplish this 2014…. aja!


go mountain climbing 
It was our rstp tour at Gaas Balamban Cebu, and i forgot the number of mountains we climbed:-):):)
go on a roadtrip 
should i say roadtrip/seatrip???….
 It was a land travel from Talisay City to Toledo City, 
then from Toledo City we hit the boat going to San Carlos City, 
and we rode a bus from San Carlos to Bacolod City (it was a 5hour land travel), from Bacolod we hit the boat again (oceanjet) this time we are going to our final destination –> Iloilo City!
own a guitar
so, i already have my own guitar, i bought this at Robinsons Place Iloilo.

shoot a gun
Thanks to Kuya Ramon, he was so generous to teach us how to fire a gun and for allowing us to use his 45 caliber pistol:-)

learn a new language
…i am still learning actually:)

(list not in particular order)
go on a cruise
watch Hillsong live
join a marathon
learn how to swim
go zip lining
read the whole Bible
finish my PEPSOL training
scuba dive
learn how to play piano
watch NBA live(spurs vs. warriors)
donate blood
own a horse
learn to surf
learn how to apply make-up
go to disneyland
go bungee jumping
visit italy
visit santorini
learn to drive (car)
go to a concert
go to paris
go to a culinary school
start franchising
watche PBA live (Purefoods vs. San Miguel)


-more to follow:):):)

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