Random Wednesday

I remember what tita Julie have said last Saturday in our network celebration that “if you really want to experience breakthrough in your life, you have to pay the price of kneeling down,” —because, to be in our knees is the highest place we could ever be in the presence of God and only by prayer we allow Him to be at work in our life.

         Always be reminded that in every setback God has already lined up a comeback and for every disappointments God has restoration… take part by believing and obeying his commands for He always brings a flourishing finish to those to who believe and obey Him.
I am living with less than what is best because I allowed fear to creep in, take the root of my life and stole my happiness. I hurt my future and lost my joy through disappointments and failures and all my dreams look like they’re not going to come to pass. But, the good news is I still have another chapter in front of me, all I have to do is keep moving forward instead of focusing on what didn’t work out. Setbacks and betrayal seems to be working against me but, this should not keep me from moving on. I wouldn’t be breathing unless God has something amazing in store for me. It’s time to get my passion back and keep the faith that God is working behind the scenes in my behalf. Keep plowing and resist discouragement by always reading and speaking His word… -that’s why as the month of December started, I challenge myself to complete my deevo before 2013 ends and the good news is I’m (almost) halfway there:-)

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