Day 5: Top 10 Favorite Foods

Seafoods (Crabs,  lobster, Shrimps and of course fish, coz I’m a self proclaim “fistetarian”)
Isaw (fried or grilled)
Pizza (I love pizza, I always crave for pizza)
Sisig (love it to be mega spicy)
Pancit (in every “handaan” I always make hanap of pancitJ)
Fruits (te amo fruitas!)
Chips (I have this “long lasting and can’t be broken relationship” with chips, especially potato chips)
Pakbet (Pakbet is my favorite ulam, but among the veggies in there I only eat kalabasa and okra and also sigarilyas)
Green salad (I love green salad not only because I’m a diet freak girl, I like salad because it’s healthy and I love the different colors in there)
Pork barbecue (my all time favorite, never kong pagsawaan)

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