Day7: My Dream Vacation Place is Santorini

 I fell deeply in love with this place the first time i saw it on the movie of KC Conception and Richard G. “For the first time”. I was enthralled by its stunning natural beauty and since then i’m always dreaming to be in this place surrounded by these unique landscape of whitewashed houses.

Day4: What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag? actually its my mama’s bag but she already gave it to me so, it is considered to be  mine:-)
1. Hellokitty Purse- where i put my coins
2. Ballpen – i may have to write
3. Phone -its always there
4. Wallet –empty wallet:-)
5. Umbrella -for protection from rain/sun.
6. Comb -when in need to fix my hair
7. Baby lips Lip balm -to keep my lips from drying.
8. Earphones -i love listening to music from my phone.
9. Journal -where my deevo’s and daily notes are written.

Day3: 5 Songs I Love right now

“Go on and try to bring me down, I will be rising from the ground,”
Skyscraper is heartbreaking yet optimistic:-) 
Okay I admit I’m a lovatic… Demi Demi is love!
Among disney stars Demi is closest to my heart, i love her music, her style, her beauty and most especially her persona.
i just love the melody of this song,
nothing more significant other than that…>smiles<
Soooper love Paolo’s rendention of Skyfall!
Paolo is my most favorite among the contestant of TheVoicePh. 
This Zamboangeño cutie had my attention the first time i saw him on tv.
Unfortunately he didn’t win as the first Voice the Philippines, but its okay he’s still my favorite. 


We found love in a hopeless place:-)
Hearing this song makes me think of the survivors of the typhoon yolanda.
I hope they still find love despite the hopeless situation they’re in right now.