Not her kind of Fairytale

She was once living a “fairytale-kind-of-life”, a joyous, contented and productive life with her Father, Jesus Christ… She thought then, she had life all figured out, she’s young… but she’s in a hurry for she wanted to get ahead of everything. And never did she expected it -she fall!…and in just a snap of a finger that “fairytale-kind-of-life vanished. 

     After what happened She run away from God, put aside her faith and start believing that God never really cared for her, she’s nobody compared to anyone and that she is a loser. She stumbled many times and failed a lot of times. She struggle through life, she’s hopeless and she wished to quit. But God is really gracious He never did allow her to quit….
     One day, she realized that she’s already tired of running away. Tired of being broken and hopeless. She wished to bring back the life she had before… and once again she surrender herself to Jesus and welcome Him into her life for the second time. She asked Him to takeover the wheel and drive her life back to the right track. –She is now living with the second chance given to her, a chance to live her dreams once more… though she can’t say that now she’s back in the arms of her Father, everything’s gonna be alright. She is “nagpapaayos-ng-buhay” and still in the process of grinding. She knows there are still twists and turns (rough roads) along the way but she is comforted with the thought that she is not alone. She have a big GOD who will help her face all the coming intimidating presence and circumstances. 


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