Friend, I’m Sorry

Everytime i encounter the word sorry, a lot of names popping out of my head… they are the people whom i badly need to say “sorry” bigtime. Two of them are the Baniel sisters my friends, roomates and co-butterfly ladies.


Ching and Tes,
How can i be so thoughtless for hurting your feelings? you’re my friends in the first place. You’re two of those few friends of mine who truly understand and accepted me despite of my imperfections especially my “isip bata” attitude. Ching, Tes, if you happen to read this post (i hope you will)… I want you to know how sorry i am, for what i did. I feel terrible, I wasn’t the friend that you expected me to be. Please accept my deepest apologies for what i have said and done and i hope you still find it in your heart to still acknowledge me as your friend and whatever misunderstanding happened before, lets put that matter behind usI treasure our friendship soo much and all the things we’ve done and been through and I hope we could be friends again like we were before. I would really really love to bring back the “sisterhood” closeness we had. 
I miss you!

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