Day1: Self Portrait and 5 Random Facts about me

Selfie before breakfast:-) 
Self portrait and selfie, are they the same? 
5 Random facts about me:
1. My blood type is AB.
2. I love vinegar and spicy foods.
3. Certified coffee addict!
4. I don’t like promises.
5. I have this extreme Agyrophobia, fear of crossing the street.


Carlopot turns 14

We have something for you:-)
here’s the cake….. red & black anyway its vanilla flavored
kling cooked, and its yummy
hotdogs on toothpicks.. lol
made this buko pandan salad last night
handa handa rn daw pag may time
my own recipe of chili crab… i put too much sili and its sooo spicy:-)
my first carbonara making experience… tastes like carbonara:):):)
pinoy litson manok
sweet and spicy shrimp, again i put too much sili in this:):):)