ayusan ng buhay

My life has been a mess for so looong… nothing i did was right and (almost) everything i do is “palpak”. Everyday is just an ordinary day, waking up every morning hoping that the day will end right away. Not looking forward or excited for anything. The cycle is soo dull and boring that I wanted to quit. I’m aware why this happening is, but I’m too proud to recognize that it’s all my fault.

…. and now I want my life back, “gusto ko na ng maayos na buhay”, i want to be happy and feel alive again. And no one else in this universe can give me that “maayos na buhay”, but Jesus Christ alone. All I have to do is draw myself back to Him today, not tomorrow, not next month and absolutely not next year. For He’s always there waiting for me to go back in His arms and let Him do the job of restoring everything i have lost along the way, the pride, dignity and everything…. and i know “ayusan ng buhay” is not as easy as swallowing a stone then  shout “darna!” and pop… it’s magic! ayusan ng buhay is a long looong process and it depends on how will I play my part. And as nagpapaayos ng buhay I have to continuously learn about “life in Christ” by being in the PEPSOL training and on Wednesday August 21 will be the opening of pre-encounter class and I’m thinking of enrolling. Yeboi! #GoPam… With the Lord I’m gonna do it right!

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