hello 2013!

First day of the year and my first blog entry for the year 2013. Last night was really cool, me and my brother alone celebrating the new year. Having to spend new year that way wasn’t actually unpleasant. In fact it was fun because of the noise coming outside and the sky was glowing with different colors from the fireworks display courtesy of some neighbors. Also we have lots of food on our table more than enough for the two of us. –>foodtrip indeed!
 I choose to welcome 2013 with a not so wacky pose!
So okay, Happy new year and Welcome 2013, a new chapter that is waiting to be written. I wish this year will be fabulous with great and meaningful experiences.  for me, New year is like a fresh start, and I have so much in mind to do this year first in the list is to have a vacation in Hongkong because I really wanted to have a glimpse and of course to experience the famous Disneyland.  I also have a lot of plans for myself like ‘self change’ but I’m not into making new years resolution for I believe that everyday is a chance for me to change to be a better person and new year is not the only time for me in making resolutions. I would just hope and pray that God will bless me and my loved ones more this year. 



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