Thank you Lord for 2012

Thank you Lord for 2012, a great and wondrous journey with you. Thank you for the good experiences as well as the bad ones, by experiencing the bad helps me appreciate the good. Thank you for my family who’s always there for me through ups and downs. Thank you for the true friends who never leave my side through good times and the bad. Thank you for the good health and for keeping me and my loved ones safe throughout the year. Thank you for watching over and protecting our family’s livelihood, for the good harvest. Thank you for all the blessing you showered to my family for us to enjoy.

Thank you also for the Philippines, my country. Thank you for the freedom we have.  Thank you for the beautiful nation and for natural resources, I know by just looking around I can see that we have enough. Thank you for those people who always seek to preserve our nature. In the midst of our country’s struggles and chaos, thank you Lord that we have these hardworking and honorable leaders who never stop discovering great solutions for each problem our country’s facing. 

Thank you so much Lord for 2012… til next year and the succeeding years!


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