Noche Buena

On my last blog post I wrote about how anxious I am with so many things but hey, a miracle really did happen and everything goes perfectly well. My grandma is now in good health and my parents were able to find someone who will look up to our house, so they’re here now and will be spending Christmas with us. A prayer is really a big thing and it really works, just believe in the power of it.
Today is December 24 so we started the day early in preparation for the noche buena. Earlier this morning I made a fruit salad, while my mother cooked her specialty dish, the ‘valenciana’. My brother and I also cooked bulalo for lunch and we also made ‘puto cupcakes’. Late afternoon when my mother ask me to accompany her to the supermarket to buy some stuff. While walking along valencia street, we passed by a newly opened ukay’ ukay. Since my mother is really a huge fan of ukay2x we decided to take a look on their items and we found out that there are lots of stunning sleeveless tops. We ended up buying almost 10 pieces of ‘sandos’ for only 50 pesos each. After ukay2x we finally hit the supermarket and after buying some groceries we went home. In addition to our ‘handa’ mama bought a kilo of lechon and also earlier this evening my father cooked ‘pansit’ and lastly I made a chicken macaroni salad. So, we end up having a lot of food on our table which is what we really wanted anyway and of course We shared some of it with our neighbors.Β  What a Merry Merry Christmas!

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