A bowl of peace of mind please

…I’m perfectly aware how important I am to You lord. I know You care so much about me. Still Lord I’m worried about so many things. Our maid is leaving tomorrow and we haven’t found someone to replace her. I know it’s silly but I worry about who will do the household chores, who will clean the house, who will cook and who will do the laundry. I know I shouldn’t be worrying about these trivial things but I can’t keep myself from thinking. My mom called me up and she told me that they’re having a doubt if they can go here to celebrate Christmas with us because my grandma is sick and their maid is leaving also. They just can’t simply leave our house and my grandma alone without someone who will look up to especially at night. I am really anxious that this will be my worst  of the worst Christmas in years, having to spend it with my brother alone. I perfectly understand the situation that I can’t be selfish to oblige my parents to go here. but, I can’t keep thinking. Lord, please help me calm my thoughts and please help me realize that You have my best interest at heart and something good is about to happen. I badly needed a peace of mind Lord.

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