Thank you for Your Faithfulness

For the many times I mess things up, you are still there for me. Over and over you catch me. Every time I stumble, you hold me up. A lot of times I failed You. I have no hope and I’m living in utter confusion without direction or goals. For so long I held back from giving my heart to you. Yet, you are so stubborn not to give up on me. You never stop loving me, You still protect me from harm, You heal my illness, You forgive me for my wrong doings and You’re still providing me my needs. Looking at myself right now, I can’t understand what I did or who am I to deserve Your love and faithfulness. You really are an unchanging God. Thank you so much for not giving up on me. I am grateful that you are my father. How amazing the way You are showing me Your love everyday. Your love is beyond measure. Thank you for Your Faithfulness.

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