The past would never be right


Looking back I would say that it’s been so long and so many things had happened. I’ve done a lot of things; good and bad. But hey, it’s not that bad like I killed someone or I took drugs or I engaged in PMS and got pregnant at a young age. It’s just that those actions of mine fall on the bad side according to my principle in judgment. Besides, there’s no such thing as big or small sin, as long as it is a sin big or small it will always be called sin, same goes with my mistakes. I made some wrong decisions and it brought me to an awful situations which oblige me to make another decision and unfortunately still the wrong one and lead me again to another dilemma, until I realized that it became like a cycle in me and I got stuck in there and it’s hard for me to get out of the situation.

I’ve done a lot of mistakes in past and I’ve been into several upsetting circumstances and I want to call those experiences as my “Nightmares in the past”. Those nightmares will always be on my shadow anywhere or everywhere I may go. Every time I get to remember those nightmares they always make me feel sorry for my loved ones and to myself. As much I want to go back and change those nightmares into happy memories I know it’s impossible to happen. All I can do now is earn the lessons learned and move on with my life because the past would never be right for me and as long as I have breath and I won’t give up I still have the future ahead of me waiting for me to filled it with joyful moments.


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