My Rebellious Heart

Teenage years were my most unforgettable moments. As I reflect on those years I recall happy memories as well as frightening and troublesome times. Within those years I met different kinds of people, had different set of friends and I’ve got to travel to different places. During those years I happen to be so aggressive with the things around me. I tend to get mad easily if I can’t have the things I want and I also became rebellious that I hold grudges and if someone did hurt me, I couldn’t calm my emotions, I always wish to take revenge and get even. I even tested my loved ones integrity and authority. I attempted to find my own way and have the freedom like any other teenagers have. No amount of patience and advice’s my loved ones especially my parents gave me just to set me back straight, but always end up arguing with them instead of listening to their speeches. A lot of arguments happened between me and my parents for a reason that they’re not approving me of my actions. I insisted on them to gave me their support in the things I want and I want to do but, parents know best and they didn’t gave me their one hundred percent support. They only want what’s best for me and they don’t want anything bad will happen to me. Yet, I’m so stubborn to take their advice’s  I still pursue the things I want even if it’s wrong and I would get mad to those who people would go in my way and try to stop me from doing those things. So rebellious me!

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