Island Hopping Cousinship Edition!

On our way to our first stop “Mansirik island”
My skim boarding experience with kuya Jeff. (epic fail)
Striking some pose before hitting the boat.
We were on our second stopà “Sidanao island” and we had our lunch there before we hit our 3rd stop the Tabon cave.
Inside tabon cave
It was my first time there and at first I don’t have plans in going inside.
But ate cai told me that it’s better for me to experience it.
Our guide told us, we’re going to see 7 caves.. Nyahaha’ it was like a hiking actually more of mountain climbing, I didn’t expect it to be so tiring, climbing up and going down.  I only see 6 caves, I didn’t go with them on the fifth cave because I was sooo tired to go down again and I decided to  just wait for them above (on the spot where they left me).
I was so exhausted yet’so happy that I was able to experience tabon cave and I promise myself that it was the first and last time I’m gonna do it. JJJ
Cracking some pose with the magnificent view in front of the caveJ
We were on our final stop the “tataran sand bar”
We enjoyed picking up seashells thereJ
The sun was starting to set when we got home.
So much of having fun the whole day, we are all sooo tired and sleepy to party by night.
—> Had no idea that we’ll go island hopping. 
2days before à ate Babes texted me, she was inviting me to come over to their house at Quezon and I thought they will be having a thanksgiving party for ate Cai since she passed the board exam. So, I went there the following day it was 2hours and a half travel by van. I only have a shoulder bag with a toothbrush and a pair of clothes on it, just in case I won’t be able to go back to Puerto by afternoon. When I got there I was so surprised to see that there’s no celebration at all I was like “where’s the party and where are the people?” only to know that there is no thanksgiving party actually, and that we’ll go island hopping the next day nah’ I didn’t know!  (miscommunication eh)