Reminiscing the 2010 memories with Butterfly Ladies

It’s been a year since I got to see some of my BL friends and I’m missing them so much.
January 2010) After the dinagyang fireworks display
February 2010) Invading San Ag on their foundation day
It was my first time to set foot on their campus and I enjoyed the experience especially the food trip.
(June 2010) Waka waka fever didn’t pass without hitting us.
Yeboi! we did it with our self-made costumes. Fabulous indeed!
(August 2010)One of our crazy brown out moments.
October 2010) We were strolling around cpu while planning for our Guimaras excursion for the next day.
(October 2010)Breathing some fresh air at reymen’s resort alubihud guimaras city escape indeed!
(November 2010) Attended the Sunday service at Center of grace
(December 2010) We attended the mass at St. Clements Church
(December2010) Night out at Lumpiga, courtesy of Kuya Ton. It was like a despedida for ate Karen coz she’s leaving for Manila the following day.

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