I don’t like being touched!

Basically I don’t like physcial contact or being touch whether it by a stranger or someone I know. Hugs, beso-beso, akbay, sandal sa likod or sa shoulder, I don’t like it. Others would simply say it’s because of a bad experience but I don’t think it is, and I am not afraid of contamination or invasion, for me it’s just that I don’t have patience for such things. And I think it’s normal..

worst habit?

SELF TALKING i guess.  I am a person who is full on conversation with myself 🙂
I talk to myself most of the time, and it becomes a habit. And I don’t do it in private, >laughs<…even in public, unknowingly i talk to myself (habit na nga) maybe people would think I’m insane.  Maybe because I really am.. >smiles<