Nav sisters

Before going home to Palawan I dropped by Manila and stay there for 2 days to see my “mga Ate’s”  coz’ I already miss them after months of not seeing each other.
Ate Karen and ate Dai pick me up at the airport then we headed to MOA and meet ate Anie there.
Lunchtime already and we can’t decide where to eat… so we were just walking around the mall and we happen to passed by “Oki oki” a Japanese restaurant and we agreed to try their food. Since it’s a Japanese resto we have to work on our chop stick skills:):)
After lunch, window shopping mode… more on picture taking actuallyJ
…and time to go home!
After a day of wandering around MOA, I was soooper pagod and my legs were feeling numb, because I’m wearing heels the whole day. Why on earth I didn’t wear slippers anyway? à shunga-shungaan moment of me! 

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