Fantastic Friday night

Weekend again and we’re so bored to death being stuck on our room for the whole day.
So, to lift our sleepy spirits we decided to go bowling. Since it s weekend there were lots of people at SEBBA and there were no alleys available for us to use and we have to wait for the first group to finish their sheet before we can play. For 15 minutes, we’re just sitting there and watching others play while waiting for our turn.  


After bowling we had our dinner at green mango, just a block away from SEBBA.


and we went to boardwalk to go walking and biking.
After that we were so pagod’
yet, what a fantastic way to ease the boredomJ
–>we went home not too late

Good thing is that our landlord Manong Bas was so nice and considerate to let us in and some times if we wish to go out at night, he would just lend us the key so that we don’t have to bother him from sleeping.

Pizza party with my roommates

Pizza party with my roommates’
Then, after the pizza party, vanity hit us (“’) againJ
And have to change out outfits?
We really do have a bright future in becoming print ad models (just kiddingJ)
O’yeah! Picture taking is our favorite past timeJ